• Tom Doona

The Creative Writing Showcase - What is it? And why?

A little while ago, we launched a new sub-section of our City Projections Blog entitled ‘The Creative Writing Showcase’. Since then, we have released three individual pieces of writing as part of that Showcase, each piece coming from a different writer (two from City Projections members and one from a writer who contacted us via our website). The three pieces have each been individual, unique explorations of different forms of writing – ranging from personal think-pieces to a short narrative-based story. These pieces have been well received, and the Showcase has begun in a way that closely parallels our initial intentions. But, we recently realised that we may not have made those ‘intentions’ particularly clear. So consider this blog post an explanation of that, and a clearing up of a few questions we have been asked over the previous few weeks.

The Showcase expanded out from a very simple initial premise – we wanted to give a platform to what we called pieces of ‘hidden writing’. These pieces are not necessarily well-polished, spotlessly structured examples of professional writing; instead, they are pieces of writing that may have been done on a whim three years ago or written semi-consciously at 4AM. They are writing done for no reason other than to simply release an idea or a thought – written with no intention to ever give that writing the light of day outside of your computer or notepad. But those pieces are often the ones that cut straight to the core of what we, as writers, are really trying to say. And in such circumstances, it would do the writer, and potential readers, a whole lot of good for that ‘hidden writing’ to become hidden no more. To be given a platform to be shared and to be seen. And that is what The Creative Writing Showcase is.

Simply, the Showcase is there to offer a place for hidden writing to be seen. Either via email (CityProjectionsUK@gmail.com) or through the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website (which you are currently on), anyone can submit a piece of writing and we will schedule it into the Showcase. Then, the piece will go live on our Blog and we will give it the exposure of all of our social media platforms. So far, the Showcase pieces have received hundreds of ‘unique visitors’ (individuals visiting/reading the pages) – which of course means that the pieces are receiving a much vaster readership than they ever would have done between the pages of a closed notepad.

But we want to be completely open about the Showcase, because we have actually been questioned a little bit about it online – in one instance being told that we are exploiting writers by trying to use their writing as content on our Blog without reciprocation. So here is as much transparency as we can offer:

The Showcase, along with everything else on our Blog, is a non-profit, volunteer-based project and does not have any monetary component. Of course, if we could pay writers for their pieces then we would do so in a heartbeat – but unfortunately we are not currently in a position to be able to do so. And we know that this isn’t ideal; but that is why the Showcase is not about writing masterpieces for the sake of it going on our blog. It is about giving a platform to writing that has been sitting unseen for a while, or has been written for the sake of simply writing it out of your system. The Showcase is a spotlight and we are looking to point it in the direction of writing that would otherwise be in the dark. We do not expect anybody to submit writing unless they are doing so simply to have their writing seen. Having eyes on your creative work is something that we as creatives innately value, which is a fact that holds the core of why the Showcase exists. Please do not submit writing unless you are doing so simply to have that writing out in the open – as at the moment that is all the Showcase can offer. But we are adamant that such holds great importance for creatives (or, at the very least, it does for us creatives at City Projections).

Upon submitting writing to the Showcase, we liaison with the writer to figure out how much information they want to be attached to the Blog Post regarding them as a writer/creative - the information attached is entirely up to the writer. They can have a section below the piece introducing readers to them in detail, or they can share the piece anonymously. This is completely situational and in the hands of the writer.

We are really excited about the Showcase, because giving a platform to hidden writing is something that holds great importance to us. We are looking forward to reading a range of writing and gaining contact with writers that are in the same boat as us (a number of us at City Projections are writers ourselves, even away from our film work).

As aforesaid, if you would like to submit a piece to be scheduled into the Showcase then please do not hesitate to send it either via email (CityProjectionsUK@gmail.com) or through the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website. It does not matter what the format of the writing is, or what the writing is about/the style of writing. All that matters is that it is a piece of writing you want people to see.

- Tom Doona, on behalf of City Projections.