• Freddie Fullalove

Filmmaker Spotlight - Freddie Fullalove

NAME: Freddie Fullalove

ROLE: Cinematographer, Gaffer, Marketer, City Projections Production Assistant.



Hey! My name's Freddie... Freddie Fullalove. Yes, you could say I am Fullalove for film (I won't quit my day job, eh, with that level of comedy). I am a recent graduate from the University of Salford, having studied Film Production for 3 years. I’ve experimented with filmmaking a lot while on the course, having taken on a number of roles in the projects I have been involved in. Having directed, produced and been behind the camera as the

cinematographer, I guess I’m just a sound guy (yeah, I’ve been one of those too) who is still trying to figure out what part he wants to play in this crazy

and wonderful industry.


How did you get into Filmmaking?

I think I’d like to dedicate my introduction to film and TV to George Lucas and the boys over at LucasFilm for doing a cracking job in creating the greatest franchise of all time, and for making me want to be a Jedi for many, many years of my childhood. And also, the Power Rangers. I would dress up as them, recreating their martial art moves with my brother. And that was two weeks ago. Joking guys, I was in fact 4 years old. However, as I got older and figured out that becoming the red power ranger was a little bit far-fetched, my interest turned towards acting. From a very early age, I often watched The Godfather Trilogy with my Dad, and when you have the likes of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino on your screen; who wouldn’t want to play such a badass role as them? Plus, the lifestyle off screen didn’t look too shabby to a ten year old.

My pursue towards getting into acting carried on through to the end of high school, when I was deciding what to take for my A-levels. Obviously, as l was dead set on the idea of becoming an actor, I chose Drama and Theatre Studies - but I later had a change of heart on what I wanted to do, and made the decision to apply to Film and Media studies. I felt as though having an understanding of the film industry, as well as learning how characters can be represented on screen, could help adapt my knowledge about the intricacies of acting. However, that Film and Media course was like unlocking Pandora's box for me, and I soon began to learn not only about film as a subject, but about the industry itself and the opportunities that it has to offer.

That was when I swapped over to the dark side of the force (if you pardon the Star Wars reference) and lens, and started thinking about how I could play a part in the industry. And like I said, I felt as though the opportunities were endless and I was just getting started. I went through my studies loving the theory side of film. Learning about the history and the great pioneers and auteurs, such as Godard, Truffaut and Fellini who helped define what film was, and still provide inspiration for many filmmakers today. I also had friends who were massively into photography, which encouraged me to use a camera. And with a camera and an idea of what to shoot, what you can produce can be amazing. From then on, I was set on what I wanted to do, to a degree (literally). I remember on the first day of that Film and Media course, my lecturer told me that “from this day on, you will never watch a film in the same way again.” And she was right. Each camera angle I saw had a deeper meaning to me, or the colour of a red shirt in a horror film stood for something more sinister. And the words that came out of an actor’s mouth were more so poetry and not just scribbles on a script. It all became a real eye opener for me, and I wanted to be a part of it.

Anyway, soon after I stopped pulling pints and started pushing myself (no, I didn't join the Navy) and got into the University of Salford. Manchester is a great place, especially if you want to hear some Oasis every night. But when I headed there, I was mainly looking forward to meeting people who had a similar passion to me and who could be a part of my journey into becoming part of the film industry. I mean, also people who love a laugh and can hack a night out too. I soon met Rowan, Noah, Tom, Emily and Nathan, who not only became good mates of mine, but people I was able to work with; and well at that. We all brought our own skills and fresh ideas to the table to help create City Projections in 2018. We went on to make a number of projects together whilst being at Salford University, throughout which I experimented with different roles in an attempt to find the one most suited to me. I co-directed Lou (2019) with Rowan and was Gaffer on Weird Dad (postponed), as well dabbling in other various roles too.


Main filmmaking inspiration?

Ooooooh, that’s a tough one that. I think as a filmmaker it’s hard to nail it down to a single film or an individual. It’s kind of like making a cake: your inspirations are your ingredients and hopefully it’ll come out of the oven or production and

you hope people will love the outcome. However, I find myself to be a talkative person who loves to waffle at times. So I love the heavy dialogue films, which tend to be coming of age dramas that allow me to reflect on my own life. So, and I know my mates are going to roll their eyes at this as I never shut up about the guy, but films by Richard Linklater (Boyhood) and Sean Baker (The Florida Project) have always been up there. I feel in their films, you always seem to have that fine balance of drama, comedy, romance and other genres that reflect the emotions that we all experience throughout our lives. Carrying on from that, I feel I look at my own life and notice that the people I meet and the places I go to can be used in some way, or form, as an idea.


What are you working on currently?

At this moment, myself and the City Projections team are working with North

West Drama, to bring you something different and something we haven’t done

before (more will be shared soon). However, we are all wanting to broaden our horizons, and with COVID we have had time to get our creative juices flowing and expand the content we want to produce. There’s some exciting new things in the works and we are looking forward to sharing it with you all.


3 Goals for the future?

  1. Get into distribution - When I first realised that film was something I wanted to do, I recognised the opportunities that are out there and how broad the industry really is. I’ve since been to Uni and loved the production side, which is not going to stop as well. But there is a whole side of film after production too. Where does it go to? Who puts it in the cinema and on the screens? Who helps turn this flick into a giant success? Just another path I would not mind venturing down.

  2. Produce a music video - I love my music, as most do, and love the way that music and the cinematography/editing of a film can complement each other. My favourite genre is dance music, and when you look at music videos that have been made for great and innovative dance producers, such as Bicep and Prospa, their music reflects upon the way the video is filmed and allows filmmakers to become innovative in the way they shoot and edit. Furthermore, it is something I have never done before, and it will allow me to carry on broadening my horizons.

  3. Just get back on set - Like us all, we just want to get back to how it was pre COVID. The film industry has been knocked massively in many ways. And as a young filmmaker, fresh out of university, it’s not been great. Over the past year I have had a lot of time to think about my next step and what to do when Boris lets us out to play. Therefore, I aim to get back to Manchester where I’m closer to the team and can reconnect properly. I also can’t wait to meet new people and head to new places which can offer new contacts and forms of inspiration. Either way, I’m young, I have plans, sky’s the limit.


And that’s a wrap on me. I can't say I’ve ever done anything like this before, but I suppose it’s all practice for those future Q&A’s I'd love to get to if things take off, we shall see. Thanks for reading about me, I hope you enjoyed.

Stay safe and take care x

- Freddie