• T.D. Manchester

City Projections 2022 Update

It has been a little while since City Projections made any noise. We have been silent for a little while, because as comes hand in hand with the world of film and video, we are going through a period of deliberation and waiting. This deliberation and waiting is both in lieu of certain things, and in preparation.

From our founding back in 2017, City Projections has always been a collective and company that is defined by a shared passion and drive for storytelling. This may sound too obvious coming from a film production company – but that is meant in the most literal of senses. Narrative, story, characters, emotions; they define everything we do, and we strive to bring forth a fictional world in our work which parallels the real world, and in doing so highlights and magnifies down certain elements of everyday life which are difficult to appreciate in their full scale without high quality equipment and personnel. Film is the ever-important artform it is because of its ability to commentate on life by morphing it into something cinematic and full of escapism.

And I suppose that is why City Projections has been silent recently. The stories we want to tell together are stories that can not just spring to life out of the blue. They need to germinate, they need to be given the attention and development they deserve, and they need to find the resources and platform on top of which they will thrive. So that is what we are doing. We are building stories up from their embers, with projections to create bigger, bolder projects further down the line. Our ambition is one that demands silence for a bit (forgive how military that sounds).

On top of this, there is also the ever-present barrier of life. Filmmakers, creatives and anyone trying to get any form of project off the ground can attest to the tribulations of building from nothing. And the time that is required for this is not always something that can be found among the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Making a living, staying healthy, staying happy – these are all things that everyone has to maintain at all times. Right now, City Projections and our team are all at different stages, and in very different situations. The fire of creativity is of course still raging in all of us, but for now we may just need to spend a little bit of time figuring out how to tell the stories we want to tell in a way that parallels our lives.

City Projections isn’t going away; don’t mistake our silence for that! We will be back soon, with a project that we are currently developing – currently entering pre-production after extensive script work. You’ll be hearing more soon.

And creatives, remember, productivity does not define worth. Create at your own pace. Projects and productions are only as valuable as the people building them. Take care of them by taking care of yourself.

Tom Doona

Creative Director,

City Projections