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Capturing your performance at the quality it deserves.

Nothing meets the senses quite like live theatre.

We specialise in capturing live theatre productions with a subtle cinematic professionalism that lets that live-experience transpire through the screen.

Let us help project your play and tell your story.


We have a vested interested in theatre, and when filming live performances we approach our coverage as both filmmakers and audience members - meeting the demands of both.

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Our three-camera set up will cover every beat, every twist, every step of your play. And our multi-mic sound set up will make sure every word is heard too!

Recent Work

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A new play by Precarious Theatre

Recorded live by

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"There in the water I stand, and for once in my life I feel silence"

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Failure Studies is a new short play by Marco Biasioli. 'Failure Studies' is the name of the academic journal where Marc, Babe and George all work. In its office, these three individuals explore the nuances of failure in relation to their lives and humanity as a whole. What does failure mean? Do we learn from our failing? Do we fail 'better', as Samuel Beckett famously said? Well...we shall see.

Synopsis sourced directly from Precarious Theatre



Written by Marco Biasioli

Directed by Liam Grogan


David Allen (Marc)

Francesca Maria Izzo (Babe)

Luke Richards (George)

Produced by Precarious Theatre

Filming crew:

Tom Doona

Emily Sutcliffe

Noah Mainprize

Edited by Tom Doona


Recorded at The King's Arms, Salford in September 2021 as part of Manchester Fringe Festival

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