City Projections Ltd. was founded in December 2018 by a small group of filmmakers from around the UK.


Based in the North West of England, the company is defined by the passion and innate drive towards creativity that each of our filmmakers share.

Initially, our focus was upon storytelling through short narrative films, garnering a great deal of experience and being recognised among the film festival circuit; notably with our short film, Lou (2020).

But that focus upon storytelling is overarching, and structures the way we work, regardless of the setting. Whether it be a wedding; a concert; a product advertisement - there is a story in everything.


The forefront of our ethos is always to find the core of that story, and project it.

If you are on the lookout for a team of professional filmmakers and videographers, or want to discuss a project or event, then please:

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Creative Director


Tom's filmmaking experience comes primarily in screenwriting and producing, also holding a couple of directing credits to his name. He produced and project managed our CSF 2021 filming project, and regularly collaborates as wedding videographer with JSProductions. Tom is also a creative writer and education professional.

Credits include: Producer/Co-Writer on Lou (2020), Writer/Director on Weird Dad (PP), Producer/Project Manager on CSF 2021 and creator of Dream At Home (2021).



Associate Director


With vast experience as a First Assistant Director, Emily specialises in the organisational and logistical side of filmmaking; building the platform for projects to thrive. Emily has also been credited as a Camera Operator and Production Designer, and acted as Filming Lead for the Lowry and Oldham Coliseum Festivals in our CSF 2021 filming project.

Credits include: 1st AD on Lou (2020) and Weird Dad (PP), Filming Lead on CSF 2021.

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Creative Lead


Noah is a well-versed specialist in cinematography and camera operation, acting as DoP and Camera Operator on a range of film-based projects, as well as boasting a broad knowledge of hardware and technology beyond the scope of film. He has been at the helm of the technical department on various short film projects, as well as acting as First Camera Operator for the Lowry and Oldham Coliseum Festivals in our CSF 2021 filming project.

Credits include: DOP on Lou (2020), Weird Dad (PP) and Sign Here (2020), First Camera Operator on CSF 2021.

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Creative Associate


Freddie is an experienced Gaffer and Camera Operator, and was credited as co-director on Lou (2020). His personable approach to working is of great value in his work both in and out of filmmaking. Freddie acted as Filming Lead for the New Vic, Stockport and Royal Exchange Festivals in our CSF 2021 filming project.

Credits include: Co-Director/Camera Assistant on Lou (2020) and Gaffer on Weird Dad (PP), Filming Lead on CSF 2021.



Creative Associate


Rowan has been with City Projections since its beginning; acting as one of our original founders. His creative attributes lie heavily in visual storytelling through screenwriting, directing, editing and graphic design. Rowan is currently the Marketing Associate Producer and Videographer at Ziax, and worked as editor for three of our CSF 2021 films.

Credits includeCo-writer/Co-director on Lou (2020), Producer on Weird Dad (PP), Editor for the CSF 2021.



Creative Associate


Nathan's filmmaking experience lies within Production Design and Sound Operation. He is currently the Community Management Executive at Kyma Media; specialising in branding and online content. Nathan has worked with City Projections since 2018.

Credits includeSound Assistant/Production Design on Lou (2020) and Weird Dad (PP)

Photography by Callum Ogburn


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